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Dive into Love (a Valentine’s Day Theme)

Since Valentine’s Day was this week I figured I’d be festive and do a topic about Love. ❤️

What is love? When I google the word love I get this….
1. an intense feeling of deep affection.
2. a person or thing that one loves.
3. to feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).

What do you think??? I don’t know, the definition seems so straightforward and simple. Maybe it is for some and if that’s true, you are lucky. On the other hand it’s a bit more complicated than this basic google definition. It’s deeper and very much more intense and unpredictable. It can’t be prevented or controlled. It’s comes when u least expected and no matter how hard you may fight, it will over power you. Like Mary J. Blige says in the beginning of her song Thick of It ” Love ain’t just BLACK and WHITE”. There are different types of love. I’m here to dive into those types today.

First, let’s start off with puppy love. Puppy love is the simplest of them all. It’s the cute little school crush. The one you had in elementary school. The one when your best friend of the opposite sex becomes a little more. You start thinking they are cute and funny. You start wanting to spend more of your time talking with them. This is normally the little innocent relationship around 5-8 grade that won’t mean much later on but it’s the beginning of the dating world. That cute little puppy love you may not remember now was the test run to your relationship rollercoaster.

Then there’s the high school sweet heart love or as I like to call it the very “First Love”. This love is way deeper.During the teenage years hormones are on a ultimate high. Body’s are changing, emotions are raging, life is starting to get a little more complicated. This is the confusing stage because your no longer a little kid but your not yet an adult either. It’s the in between state. Be emotions are extremely intense. You become obsessed with your new relationship. You think this is the one your going to grow old with and marry. There’s a 20% chance that you may end up marrying that person. There’s also a 80% chance that you won’t, but your young and you think you know it all so who am I to tell you anything. During this age sex starts to play a roll. Hormones are kicking in and your body is starting to change. You think he or she is the one. You deeply believe your in love and what’s better then proving it they to give yourself completely to them (sexually), right? For some they are in more control of they’re bodies and they won’t feed into that temptation. That’s great and I praise them but let’s be realistic. It’s 2017 and Sex is promoted and damn near forced down everyone’s throat. Any who now that you have given yourself to your partner you have become even more emotionally attached. Now, something happens and you two some how don’t work out. Your devastated and the world as you know it is over. Smh, it’s really not but hey at 16 and 17 nobody can say anything to make you feel any better. Eventually you will get over it and you will learn from those mistake s and hopefully do better next time around. You may even find the love of your life in college or something.

I’ll skip through all the trolls and frogs you might have went through looking for your princess or Prince Charming. Let’s go straight into “The One” that’s the one you picked to be your spouse. Now that love is deep and intense. That love will lift you up off your feet and have your spirit and soul floating 20 feet outside your body. Well at least that’s what I’ve heard and would like to think love feels like. I could be wrong since I have yet to experience that type of love just yet. See I’m still sifting through the trolls and frogs, but I’ll leave that for another day to discuss. Now back on topic, don’t think this is all sugar plums and fairies as with all love and relationships it takes work. They’re will be trials and tribulations and you both will have to put in time and effort to make it work. There will be days that you will be in total bliss but then there will also be those days that you may want to just through it all away. See that’s why I say love is not a simple definition. There’s levels to this and what you put in is what you get out of it for the most part. So yea always remember just because you found this love doesn’t me you call lay back in relax you still have to keep it.

Now I saved my favorite love for last. This is the love you experience the very first time your child is placed in your hand. This love is speechless and I don’t think there are enough words to explain the feeling of love between a parent and their child but I will try my hardest to express it. This love is unconditional and overwhelming. For it trumps all the other loves. See I was lucky enough to experience this form of love not once but twice. It’s amazing. I’ll never for get the very first time I held my baby boy in my arms. It was happiness. it was fear. It was proudness. It was excitement. Just complete awe. It was a feeling of completion that I was surprised to feel because I didn’t even know I was incomplete until that moment I look down. This love is true unconditional and No matter what happens that love between a parent and there child can be erase. It’s what I call the purest of them all.
I hope you all enjoyed this 2nd blog post as much as the last one. Sorry for the delay, but I will most definitely be post a new blog once a week. Any topics you would like me to discuss feel free to send me a message on the contact page. Love you all and enjoy the rest of your week

Sm00chezzz 💋

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