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My Biggest Fear!!!

So I’ve been paying close attention to this case about Nicki Minaj’s brother, Jelani Maraj. For those of you who may not already know. Nicki Minaj is a worldwide major female rapper. I must admit I’ve been a big fan of her and her work since itty bitty piggy. None the less her brother is facing life in prison for allegedly raping and sodomizing his now 13-year-old stepdaughter since she was 11 years old. Now some may say his ex-wife just chasing after his sister’s money and forcing her children to accuse him of this thing for a check but I don’t. The details in both the girl as well as her little brother are just too much for me to ignore. She stated in court how Maraj forced her into sexual acts such as anal on a frequent basis for a period of 3 years and how he threatened to get her sent away if she told anyone. The little brother testified about walking in on his step-father and his sister and how he was hit and intimidated repeatedly so that he would act as if he didn’t see or know anything. Plus, his semen was found in her clothes during the investigation. That is enough for me. Nicki Minaj and mother are standing by him, which I’m not surprised because blood is thicker than water. They probably truly believe he didn’t do these things. Who knows maybe he didnโ€™t. Maybe just maybe the ex-wife and her children are trying to extort him for money as he and his defense attorney claim.

I don’t know what I would do if something like this ever happened. This is every mother’s nightmare. To trust someone enough to bring them around you kids even marry them and all along they are abusing your children. Oh no, this is too much. I mean what would a grown man want with a baby. I mean you had a wife whom you could have had sex with and sorry to sound shallow but you are Nicki Minaj’s brother you could have had thousands of women but you choose to defile an innocent young girl who trusted you. You were supposed to be a second father figure. You were supposed to guide and protect her. Instead, you chose to use those privileges to do harm.

I can’t even fathom if this is true what the mother is feeling knowing she has been sleeping next to her child’s rapist for all that time. The guilt of not knowing or foreseeing these things must be tearing her apart. I just can’t even imagine how I would handle that. I’d be a raging mess. These are things that just cross my mind and make me very leery. At the end of the day, I am a lioness protecting my cubs from the world we live in. That is my job before anything else. That’s why I make sure I have a relationship with my boys where they feel comfortable enough to talk to me about anything. I also make sure they understand that no matter what anyone says they should always tell me. There is nothing that will ever make me push them away or take someone else’s side. And if they threaten to kill me or kill them that I will always protect them and I will handle anything that comes our way.

This is not the first case like this. Things like this happen all the time. Due to who he is related to the case is very public and all over social media, it is more common then you would think. Which as a single mother it is extremely terrifying? Its bad enough having to start over when it comes to relationships but its even harder when you have children. Now let me say this very clearly I am in no way saying that everyone is a predator and a monster. I know of many success stories of a relationship after children. They are plenty great step-parents out there. How do you know if this person is a good fit for not only you but also your child/children? When is it a good time to introduce them to your significant other? How do you make that transition? Do you ever really trust them with your kids? Should you give them authority over your children or should there be some restrictions? What do you think? Let’s talk about it! How you would or you do fit your romantic life with your parenting. What have you done that has worked for you and what has not worked for you?


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