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Music keeps my Sanity

Music is the medicine to my soul

When I’m at my wits end and all chaos unfold

At times when my heart is broken and my mind is unease

It swoops in like a cool summer night breeze

When the world starts spinning fast and gets me dizzy

Or the city pace gets way too busy

I slow it down with some R&B rhythms

The melody is like an antidote to see past my cloudy vision

And when joy and happiness makes my heart beat

Hip Hop pull me up to dance on my two feet.

Random nights in the shower doing karaoke

That’s when pop music helps win imaginary trophies

In those times when I’m being tested and I start stressing

It is the gospel music I use to remind me of all God’s blessings

After a long day and I need to rest I put on one of Sade’s jazzy tunes

To make me feel like it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon.

At my darkest moments when I need time to mend

Music is there helping me to comprehend

With all that life tries to throw at me

This is what keeps my sanity.

Sm00chezzz 💋💋💋

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