Inspirational, Life, Love, Music, Poetry


What is Poetry you ask?

It is music with a purpose

Music that only I can hear deep within the soul of my pen

Overflowing out onto the clean white sheet

Can’t you see the words dancing to the rhythm of the beat

A beat that I created through the pulse in my hand

I am not just the writer I am a translator

Poetry is a language all in all but not many can relate to

It can be a complex equation that needs to be solved

It is a sum of every feeling know possibly and then sum

From the depths of my soul my words sput out and create imagery in your mind

Poetry is my  secret love letter that I deliver straight to your heart

Oh what a magically form of expression

See poetry is not just words I speak

Poetry is a song sung Acappella

The performance is just way too deep

The beauty of it brings tears to your eye, whether you are happy or sad.

That my friend is Poetry





Sm00chezzz 💋💋💋



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