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A letter to My Once Happy Self

Dear Happiness,

Like a thief in the night you were gone and left me with nothing. My heart and soul is gone with the wind. How could you sneak out taking everything with you? I look like you but I’m not you, not anymore. I’m just an empty shell of nothingness. I miss you. Why did you leave me here all cold and empty? It feels like only yesterday your laughter filled up the room and your smile warmed my heart. I use to see the daylight through your eyes and now there’s nothing but darkness. Please tell me what I did so wrong to make you leave me without a warning. No goodbyes or see you laters just gone like a ghost in the night. I remember we use to be so close. We did everything together there was no one and nothing that could keep us apart. Now I feel trapped in the never-ending sadness. There’s no feeling of pain or joy or anger just pure nothingness. I’ve become numb without you. It’s like I lost my way and I don’t know how to come back. Which way is up which way is down? Standing here numb to the world scared to breathe, scared to move, scared to feel. Hoping that you’ll remember your way back to me. You’ll show me where to go from here. Come back and shine your light lead me back on track. Tell me everything will be ok because if you don’t I’ll fall. I’ll fall deeper and deeper into a hole. A hole I’m scared I may never come back from.  I’m drowning in a sea of salty tears that you left me in with no lifeboat and no life vest. Happy Self please come back and fix all the broken pieces you left behind when you chose to vanish in thin air out of nowhere. Glue me back together the way only you know how. I find myself running out of answers, in desperate need of calling a lifeline. I promise I’ll be good. If you come back I promise not to let others come in between us. I’ll remember to put you first this time. Happy Self, I miss you please come back.






12 thoughts on “A letter to My Once Happy Self”

  1. Wow!!!! I loved this piece although it made me sad. Just a reminder that happiness is achievable, but not sustainable for everyone all the time. We are human and will go through our ups and downs in life because the struggles will happen. Finding out how to always be happy even with the struggles is challenging, but I know it can be done. Hope all is well with you love.

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  2. this is so beautiful. thank you so much for sharing. I can relate in so many ways and I hope all is well with you and that you are feeling better soon. Your happy self will come back. I’m sure it will and i know it will.

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