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I’m Back!!!

Hey, blogger family sorry for the long gap. I had to regroup but I’m back. Yay!!! Now there so much that Has been going on I don’t even know where I should start. When I left you I was dealing with death in my family. Four to be exact. A cousin on my father’s side, My aunt on my mother’s side, my son’s Grandfather on their father’s side and a friend of the family on my mother’s side. Yes, I know that’s a lot a death within one month.

On top of that, I’ve been called for this new job and I’m going through the whole processing for that. The process is stressful because one I’ve been through this process before for a different position within the same company and it didn’t work out. Also, because there is a whole lot of things that factor into it that I’m trying to iron out and figure out how to go about it. So I’m praying it all works out so do me a favor and pray for me too.


Next order of business for those of you who have read my blog post “My Person” (if you haven’t, stop right now and go read that post before you continue) DONT WORRY WE WILL WAIT…..


Well, I and that person has made up and honestly, I’m happy. She gets me in a way that no one else does. The falling out we had seems to have been a miss communication. Once again so miserable person tried to drive a wedge between our friendship. I don’t know why people get so insecure when it comes to the two of us but it is what it is. We just have to do better and communicate more with our what’s going on. So now that we cleared that up, let’s speak on what set us back on track. She got ENGAGED!!!! To her long-term boyfriends whom I love for her and have been waiting for this moment. I must say due to the fact that we haven’t really spoken for a while I was surprised that she even reached out to tell me. I guess since I was around since day one she knew I’d be excited for her. Which I most definitely was she deserves it.


Now oldest son Jayden just had a birthday this past Friday. I’ve been running around with all this other stuff going on but I had to put it all to the side and make sure I celebrated my baby boys six birthday. So he’s obsessed with Pokémon right now. Everything had to be Pokémon. So we had a party at Billy Beez his choice with a Pokémon theme. He’s also a big fan of Red Lobster. I was a season crazy when I was pregnant with him so I guess he picked it up from there. So Saturday was the party with friends and family at Billy Beez and Sunday was the dinner with just family at Red Lobster.



On Tuesday I received a call from my other best friend who is also Jayden’s godmother that she just got Engaged!!!! Yes, that’s right another celebration. I couldn’t be happier. I swear I’m the proud best friend jumping up and down because not one but two best friends are getting married. I swear after all the death surrounding me this year wedding bells, birthdays and new jobs are just what I need right about now. So I have been binge watching videos on YouTube and web browser the hell out of everything and anything wedding related and blowing her phone up with all my crazy ideas💡.

Oh, and Jayden has been out on spring break for two 1/2 weeks now. He goes back to school Tuesday. Princeton has just started his spring break Thursday and returns on the 9th so you know I’m pulling my hair out. They are both driving me bonkers. Especially during this little over lapse with the both of them. They fight all damn day. It’s ridiculous. Boys are something else. I just know I’m going to have some grays pop up by the end of this all.



So that wraps up all I’ve been up to since we last spoke. Four deaths, two engagements, once potential job, and a birthday. Sorry for the break but sometimes we have to take time and breath for our own good.



4 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!”

  1. Yayyyyy so glad your back!! I’ve missed your post, but I completely understand having to get it together. I’m so happy for you and your faded friend, it gives me hope for me mine!! Congratulations on your new job!!!

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