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COSMOT: Bedtime Horror!!!

So as I mentioned in the last post  COSMOT: The Morning from Hell I have tons of stories to tell of journeys through motherhood. These stories will not be posted in any chronological order. My sons are currently 4 and 6 years old so some will be of them at there current age and some may be of them as babies. Shooo maybe even during my pregnancy with them. Anywho without further, a due let’s get to today’s post…

I don’t know about you but bedtime gives me anxiety. I have two young boys who fight like cats and dogs all day and will do anything to delay the process of sleep. I swear they feel like if they close their eyes something big is going to happen and they will miss it all. Anywho, I find myself constantly getting up going back to their room and fussing at them to go to sleep. Either that or they are coming out to tell on each other, to ask for something to drink, or to use the bathroom a thousand times. They all of a sudden have a million in one questions or decided they want to tell me about there day. I mean you name it they do it. If only they knew that there will be a time where they will wish they could sleep.

So this night was like any other night. I’m up trying to watch one of my shows on Netflix (I’m a serious binge watcher). I believe I was finishing up Law & Order SUV series. Like I said it was the normal getting up back n forth to tell the kids to go to sleep. For the parents who’s child go to sleep without all the fuss, you are lucky! Anywho, I hear this loud scream out of nowhere. Princeton is like MA… MA… MA at the top of his lungs. So I jump up thinking maybe he fell off the bed or maybe he and Jayden are fighting (because they are ALWAYS fighting)  I run from the living room back to the room. In the hallway leading to the bedroom, I have a small white wooden chest filled up with shoes. So, as I turn the corner running as fast as I can to see what’s the problem, I stub my pinky toe. I’m in excruciating pain so now I’m hoping up in down on one foot.  When I finally get to their bedroom. Jayden is sleeping and Princeton is lying there watching tv talking about “can you put the covers on me?”. You have got to be fucking kidding me. All that screaming for some covers!!!! I put the covers on him and leave. The pain isn’t going away so I take a Tylenol and go to sleep because at this point I’m over it.

The next morning I wake up to get the boys ready for school. As I attempt to step my foot down, I fall because the pain from the stubbed toe has now spread to my entire left side of my foot. As I look I noticed my whole foot is swollen. WTF!!!! Now, this!!! I decided to screw this I’m staying home. Princeton had a half a day anyway so I get Jayden dress and let my mother drop him off for me while Princeton and I stayed home. During the day I found myself limping and walking around the house on my heel because any other way was too painful. I tried soaking it and I tried icing it neither methods worked for me. I mean I’ve stubbed my toe before (numerous times) but this was different. It will usually hurt for a little but eventually, the pain will go away. Not this time! So I start to think and I’m like damn maybe it’s broken or fractured I mean it wouldn’t be the first fracture I had on this same foot. Actually, I have fractured this foot twice already so maybe. Those fractures were far less painful as this one though so I’m convinced something is broken. Plus, I’ve been Calcium deficient since I had Princeton some my bones aren’t the strongest (who would have thought as much as I love yogurt, cheese, and ice cream).

The next morning I get up a lot more cautious this time. I get the boys ready for school which took an eternity because I’m limited to one foot. I try and put my shoe one and nope. foot even more swollen and not to mention the pain was excruciating. Let’s just say thank God for short classic uggs because that was the only thing I could put on and even that was a struggle. After the journey, it took to get the boys dress and to school I head to 125th street CityMD Urgent care. I prefer CityMD over the hospital because they are a lot faster than the hospital and way less crowded. I’ve never actually been to the one in Harlem but since I live in Harlem I figured it’s closest and I’m in no shape to go long distance. So I get there, sign-in and wait. I swear they had me waiting there for two hours. It was ridiculous. I was one of the first to get there and yet here I am 2 hours later and a room full of other patients sitting in the waiting area. Finally, a woman comes from the back and calls my name. She walks me to one of the examination rooms and I sit there for another 30 minutes waiting to be seen by a doctor. The nurse comes in checks my vitals and asks what brings me in today. I give him the story and types it all down and tells me the doctor will be in shortly. He walks out 5 minutes later he returns with the doctor. The doc takes a look at my foot and says it needs to be x-rayed but unfortunately the technician left 20 mins ago. So with that said I have to go to another CityMd. So you know I’m livid because how the fuck I get her at 8:15 and it is now a little after 12 and I am just being seen only to be told I just missed the technician. So I go off. I hate to be one of those black people who complain about other black people but this goes to show you the difference between establishments running in minority neighborhoods compared to those ran downtown in other neighborhoods. I’m all for supporting my own but we have got to do better because it’s ridiculous. Just like the Pharmacy by me that opens up when it feels like it. Which is why I send all my prescriptions to Rite Aide downtown because messing around with them I’ll never get my damn medicine, but that’s a story for another day. Anywho, I have them call 97th street CityMD to make sure they have a technician available, which they did.

I cross the street and take the bus to the other location. Luckily the wait there was only 5 minutes which is what I’m normally used to. X- Ray’s were taken and reviewed. My foot was fractured in three spots. which is why I was in so much pain. As you know bones have to heel on its own so I was given a boot to wear on my foot told to ice it and given a prescription for the pain. This doctor visit only took a total of 30 minutes.


I called out of work for the rest of the week and was on limited work duty when I returned the following week. I was forced to wear that stupid boot for a month and a half which was annoying because this was during the holidays. So for Christmas, New Years, and my 30th birthday, I was forced to limp around with a stupid boot on my foot. All because Princeton used his death scream so he could be tucked into bed.







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