Let me address the Kanye Nonsense

So I have been a bit MIA on WordPress lately. I apologize. There’s a lot in life that has changed. For starters, I am 2 weeks in my new job which for those who know me or have been following me has been a long process in its self, but I’ll save that for another post.

Anywho even though I’ve been busy I have still been paying attention to a lot of the chaos. Now for those of you who haven’t heard which is quite surprising because it has been everywhere. Kanye has been bashing Obama saying he hasn’t done anything for us or for Chicago and also boosting this idiot of a President we now have by the name Trump. Now I’m not here to have a long drawn out post on Kanye or Donald because frankly neither of them are worth it but I will say that this country was in deep turmoil before Obama came into office. Years and years of damage that his 8 years would not be able to completely fix. I  also want to remind some of you Kanya West SHEEP and Donald Trump SHEEP that there is a thing called checks and balances within our politics. If you pay close attention although Obama was President majority of those in office were Republican and completely against any ideas he had in mind. A lot of thing he tried to put in place they fought him on and threw out. We are lucky he was able to get Obamacare (for those of u who didn’t have health insurance now you do) through which was also modified by them. So before you start jumping on the bandwagon do a little research on how politics really work.

As for Kanye West if you ask me this is a publicity stunt. He’s talking out his ass and everyone is eating it up. He’s an attention seeker and has been kind of on the back burner for a little. (Let us no for get the Taylor Swift situation nor the Jay-Z bashing) So what better way to make himself relevant again then to stir up some nonsense. I swear his the biggest man child I’ve ever seen. Throwing tantrums and rants when ever he need attention or wants something. Ugh 😑 Plus, while we are all focused on him we can forget about his Sister-in-law who’s just had a baby by a serial cheater. Because that man apparently cheats on all his baby mothers while in there the third trimester. Momma always said “Same way you get a man will be the same way you lose him”. None the less Kayne West has lost my interest years ago. To be honest I don’t even think there’s a chance to get the old Kanye back. He need serious therapy.

If I have a choice as to who I want my boys to look up to. I choose Barrack Obama!!! Let’s stop this crab in a barrel mentality and support our REAL Strong, Educated and Successful black men. Stop following behind these uneducated and mentality unstable, identity crisis fools. Like the saying goes “If You Don’t Stand for Something, You Will Fall for Anything”


Sm00chezzz 💋💋💋

1 thought on “Let me address the Kanye Nonsense”

  1. You betta say that!!!! Kanye is in the sunken place, and he needs to stay there until he realizes how stupid he sounds!! I’m an advocate for Obamacare because if it wasn’t for it, I don’t know how I would have had my son, or even been able to afford to have my son. Not to mention I had to have an emergency c-section which it covered. Girl I been missing you!! I hope your new job is treating you great!!

    oh PS you’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!! All the details are on my latest post!!

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