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Word of The Day! 3-4-18

Never allow yourself to feed into someone else’s opinion of you. Those who put you down do so because they are unhappy with them selves. Misery loves company, let them self destruct on their own. Know who you are and love thy self. Xoxox, Sm00chezzz 💋💋💋

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Day 5 of the 14-Day Detox Water Challenge

Yasss!!! Your girl just finished her 5th day of this challenge. I'm just knocking these days down like bam bam pow! Just one day at a time. To tell you the truth I'm feeling good. Like I feel more energetic and motivated. I even cleaned up my room today. Well, I still have some work to do but… Continue reading Day 5 of the 14-Day Detox Water Challenge

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What is Beauty??? Beauty is more then the Physical. Beauty is something intertwined within. You can’t fake beauty it’s not something that is merely skin deep. No instead it’s within the depths of your soul. No makeup, surgery or money can enhance the natural beauty given to us from the Lord himself. He’s created us… Continue reading Beauty

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A Much Better Week

Depression hit me like a shock wave. If you haven't seen my last post Click here before you continue. It was so fast and so intense I didn’t know what was what, but this week I started to feel better. After weeks and weeks of being all dark and dreary, I feel as if a light… Continue reading A Much Better Week

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A letter to My Once Happy Self

Dear Happiness, Like a thief in the night you were gone and left me with nothing. My heart and soul is gone with the wind. How could you sneak out taking everything with you? I look like you but I'm not you, not anymore. I'm just an empty shell of nothingness. I miss you. Why… Continue reading A letter to My Once Happy Self